Artist statement

My art is a reflection of my experience of life. I begin with a feeling or memory, then work to create an abstract representation of that on canvas. I am constantly experimenting and exploring, attempting to harness the emotional power of color, movement, texture and shape.  

I work with acrylics, mixed media and pastels. Recently, I have started incorporating knitting and weaving in my art, which were a big part of my life before I was a painter. 

It is difficult to make the weaving and painting work together – but I find that fitting, as I try to fit the disparate aspects of myself into my work and communicate my story. 

In my attempt to capture life, I create pieces that are sometimes messy and dirty. My story certainly has not always been neat and beautiful -- and I want to let that show in my work. Why should we always try to make art clean when reality is so dirty? I am open to exploring that rougher side – and to let go of boundaries.

My paintings are not meant to reveal a story itself -- but to convey the feeling of the story. There is space for others to interpret my work, to bring their own life into the art and to allow the art to enter into their lives. 



A native of Bergen, Norway, Anne Jensen's formative years were spent in this and other Norwegian cities. She moved to Houston, Tx in 2006.

After her first career as a kindergarten teacher, Jensen tried her hand at knitting and weaving. She quickly excelled in these, and began teaching others how to weave. Jensen then entered the world of drawing and painting. Encouraged by a mentor to further develop her talent, she studied under an artist in Bergen before enrolling in private art school for three years-and traded the loom for the easel

Jensen has been painting prolifically since then, with the properties of color and light as her primary inspiration and the dominant influence in her works. She has exhibited in a number of venues around Houston and she maintains her permanent studio at Springstreetstudios in Houston.

Partial Exhibition List

Group shows

  • 2012 Betz Gallery, October, Houston, Tx USA
  • 2012 East End Gallery, August, Houston, Tx, USA 
  • 2013 Smith Gallery, December, Houston, Tx, USA
  • 2014 World Wide Art Fair, October 5-18, Los Angeles, Ca, USA
  • 2015 Anarte Gallery, San Antonio, Tx, USA
  • 2015 Art Expo, April 23-26, New York, NY, USA
  • 2015 Tokyo Intl. Art Fair, May, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2015 Spectrum Art Fair, December 3-6, Miami,Fl, USA
  • 2015 Liquid Rooms-The body language, Palazzo Ca'zanardi, Venice, Italy
  • 2016 Art Monaco, Oct 27-30, Monaco
  • 2016 Art Spectrum Miami Nov 30-Dec 4, Miami, Fl, USA
  • 2017 ESTE ARTE Intl. Art Fair, Jan 11-14, Punta Del Este, Uruguay
  • 2017 Round Top Fine Art Fair, Jan 27-29, Round Top, Tx, USA
  • 2017 Clio Art Fair, March 2-5, New York, NY, USA
  • 2017 Forum 6, April 8-30, Houston, Tx, USA

Solo shows

  • 2013 Royal Norwegian Consulate, Houston, Tx, USA
  • 2015 Jung Center Gallery, Dec 5-31, Houston, Tx, USA
  • 2017 Forum 6, June 10-30, Houston, Tx, USA